Kanasín students learn and have fun on the Jurassic Trail

Progreso Mayor Julián Zacarías Curi received the municipal president of Kanasín, Edwin José Bojórquez Ramírez; who accompanied 300 elementary school students from the Escuela “Kaanbal Yéetel Báaxal” (Learn and Play) to Chicxulub’s “Jurassic Trail”.

(TIMES MEDIA MEXICO).- The reception of the students was in charge of the Jurassic Friends, who divided the kids into groups and took them on a tour of prehistoric times, as well as the turtle tank that is inside, explaining in a fun and amazing way how they care of the turtles.

Zacarías Curi indicated that the Kanasín City Council supported summer courses in his community in order to motivate students to be interested in history and science during the holiday season.

The children were brought to the Jurassic Trail as a surprise and a special prize for their good grades and good behavior.

“Here, in addition to having fun, you will have a unique learning experience about the events that changed the history of our planet”, mayor Zacarías Curi said.

He recalled that a few days ago, the Progreso City Council signed an agreement with the Yucatan Ministry of Education so that schools across the State can visit the facilities of this theme park free of charge, with the objective of becoming a space for information and scientific dissemination.

For his part, the mayor of Kanasín, Edwin José Bojorquez Ramírez, pointed out that these types of actions are motivating for the young students and their educational training. This place may even influence some of the children in order to become scientists in the future, and at the same time, they are having fun and acquiring knowledge of the prehistoric era.

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