Residents ‘threaten’ Progreso City Hall with street closures due to lack of services

“He does not comply and there is no rapprochement with the Mayor either, we want him to tell us why as soon as he won he forgot about us” testified a woman in the middle of a demonstration that took place in Independencia Park and that sowed expectation among the authorities of the Progreso Municipal Palace.

Part of what was striking about the demonstration was that none of those present dared to reveal their identity or the “promise” that the mayor owes to a sector that would be made up of more complainants both from Progreso and from different commissariats.

Those present stated that they were represented by a woman of approximately 50 years of age, who limited herself to saying that the issue of campaign promises had been discussed, and that in their living areas they have asked for improved public services, but there has been no concrete response from any agency.

Finally, it was confirmed that if there is no dialogue with the Mayor, there will be a road closure on 80th Street at 31st and 33rd, right where the Municipal Palace is located in Progreso.

In addition, they assured that during a second protest there would also be a greater number of participants to demand attention from the Mayor.

This incident is added to a series of complaints against the current administration, especially in the security sector, where the death of Roberto Lanz Hernández continues to weigh heavily on the City Hall, because since that event there has been a rupture of trust between those who hold the reins of the port and the citizens themselves.

TYT Newsroom