The most popular guild celebrates San Telmo

Photo: Diario de Yucatan

PROGRESO – “We are celebrating 111 years of celebrating San Telmo, we have been doing it for more than a century when the Farmers’ Guild was founded and punctually celebrating the patron saint of fishermen,” said Rosa Ricalde, president of the group that entered the chapel of San Telmo, in this city, Friday at noon.


Carrying a little more than 50 flags and banners, the members walked along 35th Street to 114th Street, where the Chapel of San Telmo is located.

All along the way they listened to the burning of Voladores, music with Yucatecan “Bombas”, and danced Jaranas.

Upon arrival, the priest Juan Carlos Pat Itzá welcomed them and blessed them with water.

Entering the chapel yesterday at noon, the 250 members of Agricultores bid farewell to the Christian Family Guild, which entered the day before yesterday, Thursday, and yesterday at 11 a.m. had its departure mass.

Today Saturday at noon the Farmers Guild leaves and the Children’s Guild enters.

The outgoing guild will return in procession to its premises on 37th Street between 86th and 88th, will offer a Taquiza and on Saturday night will have a dance with Parchís on 98th Street between 31st and 33rd in the Juan Montalvo neighborhood.

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