Our favorite Thanksgiving Traditions

people sitting at the table
Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on Pexels.com

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! We love spending time with out love ones, reconnecting with our family and specially enjoying a delicious turkey along with some stuffing and mashed potatoes! But we also adore creating new memories and developing traditions. Today we’ll list our top 5 favorite ones.

  • Writing down what we are thankful for
    • In all the fun and frenzy, it can be easy to forget the true meaning of Thanksgiving: gratitude. For that reason, we love writing down in paper everything we’re thankful for that year, you can archive the paper sheets to look back on fondly!
  • Connecting with family members far away
    • No matter how far they are, it’s always nice to connect with our loved ones even through a screen. Call those who you miss the most after, before or even during your meal, we promise it’ll feel just as if they were right there with you!
  • Watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
    • Take part in one of the oldest Thanksgiving traditions, a.k.a. the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade! The first one took place in 1924. Following a scaled-down 2020 event, the parade returned in its full form in 2021—complete with live musical performances, iconic giant balloons, decorated floats, and, yes, an appearance from Santa. This year, Macy’s will host their 96th annual parade starting at 9:00 AM.
  • Make a gratitude jar
    • Create a jar where each day from Thanksgiving to the next one, you add notes of gestures you appreciate from family and friends that you’ll meet again in November. Pull out the jar post-dinner and share the gestures that warmed hearts.
  • Watch a classic holiday movie
    • Enjoy dessert watching your favorite holiday movie or Thanksgiving specials, pick the same movie, choose a different episode each year or let a different family member choose their favorite film each time!

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