Yucatan is third place in confirmed cases of monkeypox

On Tuesday, August 16th, the Ministry of Health confirmed that in all of Mexico there are 252 confirmed cases of monkeypox. Mexico City, Jalisco, Yucatán and Quintana Roo lead the list among the 20 states with the most infections.

The statement from the Ministry of Health highlights that as of August 15, 610 probable cases of contagion have been identified throughout the country, of which 252 are confirmed, with a positive result by the InDRE. The confirmed cases are distributed in 20 states where Yucatan stands in third and Quintana Roo in fourth position as the states with the most infections.

List of states with confirmed monkeypox infections:

  • Mexico City (141)
    -Jalisco (46)
  • Yucatan (17)
    Quintana Roo (9)
  • Mexico (9)
  • New Leon (4)
  • Lower California (4)
  • Chiapas (4)
    -Veracruz (4)
    -Tabasco (3)
  • Oaxaca (2)
  • Puebla (2)
  • Colima (2)
  • Baja California Sur (1)
  • Chihuahua (1)
  • Morelos (1)
  • Michoacan (1)
  • Queretaro (1)
  • San Luis Potosi (1)
  • Sinaloa (1)

Yucatan is the third and Quintana Roo the fourth state with the most cases of monkeypox in Mexico

Profile of infected people in Mexico.

Regarding the distribution by sex, the predominance in men is 94%, and the age group 30 to 39 years is the most affected (45.6%) with 115 of the 252 confirmed cases. While the remaining 6% corresponds to women.

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