Home Headlines Historic record in remittances for Yucatan: exceeding $390 million US dollars in one year

Historic record in remittances for Yucatan: exceeding $390 million US dollars in one year

by Yucatan Times
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The general director of the Institute for the Development of Culture of Yucatan (Indemaya), Erick Villanueva Mukul, highlighted that 2022 was the year in which more remittances have been received in the history of the entity, by Yucatecans residing in the United States.

The state official specified that during last year, remittances reached a record 392 million 196 thousand 130 dollars, which at the current exchange rate amounts to 7 thousand 431 million 606 thousand 808.5 Mexican pesos.

The amount of money sent during 2022 by Yucatecans living in the North American country, stated Villanueva Mukul, is 17 percent higher than what was reported during 2021, when 335 million 59 billion 59 billion 800 million dollars were registered.

He emphasized that the positive result of the previous year was something that was expected, since each quarter the figures were easily surpassed. In that sense, he stated that from January to March they totaled 84.57 million dollars; from April to June, 97.70 million; from July to September it was 103.59 million; and between October and December 106.224 million dollars entered the entity.

“Remittances have become a very important source of income for the families of Yucatecans residing abroad, mainly those who migrate to the United States to work, since they are the ones who provide the economic resources for their family’s sustenance” explained the official.

The head of Indemaya shared that in the United States there are about 160 thousand Yucatecans, which represents about 18 percent of the population of Yucatan.

Of this migrant population, close to 100 thousand live in the state of California and the city where most Yucatecans are concentrated is San Francisco, where more than 46 thousand people born in Yucatan live.

Villanueva Mukul pointed out that only one out of every four people living in the neighboring country has legal residency.

The remittances they send are destined for more than 7,000 Yucatecan families, located mainly in the municipalities of Merida, Oxkutzcab, Tekax, Ticul, Peto, Buctzotz, Cenotillo, Motul, Hunucma, Muna and Progreso.

According to Indemaya records, most of those from Oxkutzcab are in San Francisco and its bay; while those from Peto are in San Rafael; those from Muna live in Thousand and Oxnard; and those from Maní, Dzan and Chumayel live in Portland, Oregon.

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