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Gender violence, a serious public health problem in Yucatan

by Yucatan Times
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Merida, Yucatán, (March 5, 2021).- “Gender violence is presented as any intentional or unconscious damage by a man towards a woman, seeing her from a disadvantaged perspective and in a state of vulnerability, in any of the manifestations, of violence, either physical, psychological, economic, patrimonial, sexual violence and the most serious of the manifestations of violence that are femicides”, said Psychologist, Flor Maria Villegas Ramírez of the Mérida Family Medicine Clinic of the ISSSTE located in the Colonia Linda Vista of this city.

The psychologist said that women can become aware of the type of relationship that is being built, or what is the type of relationship that is being lived with couples, in the family, in the workplace, “It is very important to know how to identify any signs of violence “

He said that violence must be detected and when it comes to gender violence, like all violence, it occurs from a lesser degree and sometimes in a very subtle way, where the perpetrator will seize the emotional tools of the victim, through manipulation, threats, humiliations, and other means of psychological violence.

“In such a way that the abuser is gradually depriving his victim of all the power to defend herself, highlighting the cases of women and girls”, “gender violence leaves us in a state of learned helplessness”, “this leads to certain consequences such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, and many physical and psychosomatic illnesses that can be related to mental conditions that are sometimes very difficult to detect because manifestations of violence do not always occur through acts of violence, if not the handling of certain beliefs of an established patriarchal system and a system that is blameworthy ”, the expert said.

“This belief system is part of the culture of both men and women in Mexico, to this day we continue to perpetuate erroneous ideals in such a way that we are still staying in relationships where we are not happy, relationships where we are being hurt, relationships where we feel that we must remain by certain agreements and beliefs regarding education”, continued the psychologist.

She stressed that gender violence should not be normalized, we must break stereotypes and promote respect in society, it is time to release and break the silence so that women have the same rights to open spaces of equality, promote the majority of opportunities where women can raise their voices and are strong in the enjoyment of their autonomy over themselves.

ISSSTE psychology consultation conducts virtual workshops to promote mental health and quality of life not only for women but for the general population.

Source:  Yucatán al instante

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