Yucatecan journalist Jaime Vargas a victim of attempted murder in his Merida home

Subject tries to assassinate journalist Jaime Vargas in Yucatan (Photo: La Jornada)

Merida, Yuc. | La Jornada (January 20th, 2022).- The journalist Jaime Vargas Chablé and his wife were victims of attempted homicide by a subject, who was arrested by neighbors of the communicator and handed over to the State Police for subsequent criminal proceedings.

The Yucatan State Attorney General’s Office identified the aggressor, who some time ago was the boyfriend of the journalist’s daughter and who, presumably, in an act of revenge, entered the house of the Jaime Vargas and attacked him and his wife with a knife.

The complaint was filed beforethe FGE and investigation folder 269/2022 was opened. The journalist’s aggressor – known on social networks for his portal El Tizón – is in the hands of the authorities awaiting his legal situation to be determined by the corresponding authoritiies, which, without a doubt, will say that the defendnt has to take his process inside the Mérida prison.

It was also found out that personnel from the Forensic Medical Service had already attended the hospital where Vargas Chablé was admitted to carry out the corresponding assessment of his injuries.

On the night of Tuesday, January 18th, the journalist was injured when he was attacked with a knife at his home by a 21-year-old subject, -whose identity was still unknown until then- who entered the property jumping the fence, managing to be subdued by his relatives and friends who were alerted by the noise caused by the attack.

Vargas Chablé has been incapacitated for a few months because he is undergoing cancer treatment.

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