Senior citizen found dead inside a property in García Ginerés

MÉRIDA, YUCATAN (December 22, 2020).- On Monday, December 21st, the body of a senior citizen was found in a house located on Calle 14 (between 3 and 5), in the García Ginerés neighborhood.

It was a man of approximately 70 years of age and identified as José A., a homeless person who used to sleep among garbage accumulated in the property, on an old mattress.

A resident of the area passed by the place to leave food for the man, he was calling him and he did not respond, so he notified the authorities.

Shortly after, police and paramedics from the SSP arrived, who confirmed that José had already died. Later some people appeared who said they were the owners of the property and relatives of the deceased today, so they allowed the Police to enter the house for the corresponding proceedings.

After reviewing the body and not finding traces of violence or anything that could suggest that it was a crime, the Public Ministry dispensed with the autopsy and the relatives hired the services of a funeral home that was responsible for the removal of the body.