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Almadía, a gastronomic experience that fuses sea and land in Progreso

by Yucatan Times
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Almadía is located in a charming beach house right in the middle of the Progreso “Malecón“.

Now wait, this is not your average restaurant, Almadía is a modern and refreshing proposal, designed with an Eco Chic style, a space with interiorism that allows you to be in touch with nature and feel the sea breeze on your face, immersed in a casual and relaxing atmosphere.

The concept was developed exclusively for the beach, by renowned restaurant chain La Recova. The brand is guarantee of excellent service.

Almadía features a contemporary menu that fuses seafood and meat cuisines with fresh ingredients from the region, creating unique dishes. If you consider yourself a “foodie”, Almadía should be on the top of your list.

Just a few minutes away from Mérida, Almadía is a beach oasis, elegant but casual at the same time, it’s a space where you will be filled with energy and good vibe. Enjoy a sun and sand location, where time does not pass by, then you will know why Almadía is “Your house of eternal summer.”

The Yucatan Times talked with Amir Tuz Alejandro, waiter captain (or head waiter). He oversees the wait staff and food service in Almadía during his shift.  Amir has worked for more than 5 years with Grupo La Parrilla, a Yucatecan corporation well positioned in the top-of-mind of the local market, that owns the brands “La Recova”, “La Parrilla”, “La Parrilla Colonial” and more recently “Almadía”.

He told us that the main feature of Almadía, what makes it different from any other restaurant in Progreso is their commitment to make the customer´s experience 100% satisfactory.

“You can even choose your own live lobster, oysters or clams… what could be fresher than that?”


So, if you’re plannig to try Almadía, let us make a few suggestions:

For an Entree, Almadía offers crabcakes, Rockefeller oysters, or the one only Fried Octopus Guacamole (just to name a few of the long list).

But if you are in the mood for tacos, the Baja Style Shrimp Tacos might be a good alternative.

For those who love Mexican Tostadas, we recommend “Tostada Almadía”: a crunchy handmade tostada topped with a “house recipe” combination of callus and octopus.

Now, let’s say you really want to try something different, in that case let us suggest the “Pulpo y Ate“, this sweet & salty plate features again octopus, but this time cooked in a blend of chilli peppers with cilantro, placed on top of “sweet Guava paste” (also known in Central Mexico as Ate), and topped with minced roasted apple.

Pulpo y Ate

Almadía is probably the only restaurant in Progreso where you can order fresh lobster, Angus Arrachera meat from Sonora, a Rib Eye (or maybe just a burger, if you feel like it).

There are lots of other delicious gastronomic delicacies that you can try at Almadía, as their Menu boasts a wide repertoire (Click link to see menu) https://www.facebook.com/463724601088968/menu?p_ref=pa.

Discover Almadía on our beloved Malecon de Progreso, on the corner with Calle 19 # 138 Progreso, Yucatán.

Working hours:

  • MON-TUE-WED: 1pm to 11 pm
  • THU: 1 pm to 1 am
  • FRI-SAT: 1pm to 2am
  • SUN: 1pm a 7pm

Reservations at 969 6882075
Follow Almadía:
Instagram: @almadia_mx
Facebook: @ Almadía Mx


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