Parque Centenario re-opens at 30% capacity

The first stage of the reopening of the Centennial Park begins this Friday, November 27, with a limited capacity and with all the health measures established by the government, as reported by Mayor Renán Barrera Concha in a tour that he gave the morning of this November 26 to supervise the facilities.

“This journey that we decided to take is to help us disseminate the security measures, protocols, and mechanisms that we have established for a space as wide and as desired as the Centenario Park (…) the schedule will be from nine in the morning to four in the afternoon starting tomorrow “, the mayor said.

He emphasized that only 3,500 people will be able to enter the premises simultaneously, and revealed that in a weekend before the pandemic there were more than 28 thousand people entering the Centenario in one day, so now they can only allow a 30 percent capacity.

Entrance and exit will be all marked with arrows and signs that indicate the places that can be visited, in which direction to walk, always observing the healthy distance.

“We did not want to open 100 percent of the facilities to start gradually and in a controlled manner, and the idea is that if we already have this first stage under control, we can do a next opening stage in mid-December”, the mayor added

The Zoo area will not open in the Centenario tomorrow, the possibilities of reopening the Zoo are still being evaluated. The train, playground areas nor cable car are open either.

As for the businesses and merchants that work in the area, they will be allowed to open as long as they comply with the established protocols, such as the use of face masks, acrylic, and antibacterial gel.