Mérida nurse asks citizens to please stay at home

The nurses and doctors of Mérida continue to raise their voices in the current situation that Yucatan is experiencing with regard to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

The following is the testimony of a nurse who works in the High Specialty Medical Unit (UMAE) of the IMSS in Mérida.

The nurse, who works in the COVID area, said that the battle against the coronavirus is very difficult, so much that sometimes they feel like “they are losing it.”

The nurse explained that intubating one patient after another is not fun, he says that it is not a game, it is a life-or-death task that is tremendously difficult to carry out over and over again.

In the same way, he says that when a patient or a colleague dies, it is extremely devastating for the whole team.

The nurse says that the number of patients is not reducing, on the contrary, it is increasing.

He stated that the workload is way too heavy for them, that it is very tiring to wear the protective suit, that many times they leave the COVID area dehydrated and in bad conditions.

Finally, the nurse sent a message to society begging them to stay home and follow the recommended sanitary measures.

‘We don’t want you here, we don’t want you sick, because that means more admissions and our resources could saturate at some point. We don’t want you here, please…”

“I don’t want to see you in a bed, I don’t want to give you CPR and even less I want to see you with a tube in your throat. For you, for me, for everyone, do not go out and do not expose yourself or your loved ones. Please stay home”.