Motorcycle accident in Mérida: Rider flips over and lands on car

A spectacular but painful accident occurred on Friday at the intersection of Fidel Velázquez Avenue and 12th Street in the Fraccionamiento del Parque, where a motorcycle collided with a Nissan Tsuru whose driver failed to obey the mandatory stop between medians.

The passenger of the motorcycle flew through the air and landed on her back on the windshield and hood of the car, where she had to receive medical attention from paramedics.

It was reported that the motorcycle was traveling westbound on the avenue, and just at the intersection with 12th Street, a Nissan Tsuru compact car approached from the left in the opposite lane, when taking a U-turn, the driver failed to obey the mandatory stop between medians and entered the path of the motorcycle.

The motorcycle rider could not brake in time and collided with the right side of the Nissan Tsuru, causing the passenger to be thrown into the air and land in front of the car, where she remained lying down. Paramedics attended to her on-site before taking her to a hospital.

Police officers from the SSP, as well as traffic investigators, handled the accident to determine responsibility and assess damages and medical expenses.

TYT Newsroom