CFE reports 16 confirmed cases of Covid-19; there is at least one death

Workers at the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) eventually succumbed to coronavirus infections.

MEXICO (Agencies) – The CFE has 193 suspected cases. In terms of deaths, the company reports one, plus another person who lost his life from “atypical pneumonia.”

In an interview, Luis Bravo, director of Social Communication of the CFE, assured Mexican newspaper EL UNIVERSAL that the company did not register any case of contagion by Covid-19, this Monday, it was announced that it registered 193 suspicious cases, 16 confirmed and one death by Covid-19 (plus one more due to “atypical pneumonia”.

The 16 confirmed electrical workers are in isolation and under medical supervision, and of the 193 suspects, three have overcome the illness and are recovering.

In a statement, the company explained it has identified the main causes of suspected infection. “Are due to direct or indirect contact with workers and family members confirmed with Covid-19, or who are in isolation, as well as travel abroad or within the country in areas with higher rates of infection”. (SIC)

He added that the measures that have been taken to prevent the spread of infection among staff are the cancellation of trips abroad and the reduction of domestic trips to the indispensable minimum by replacing them with video conferences.

The cases reported by the CFE occurred even though since March 24, measures of healthy distance and physical isolation, as instructed by the Ministry of Health, while defining criteria for staff to work at home from a distance. However, CFE workers kept on going to their workplace to provide continuity of service.


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