Canacintra asks not to cancel the Yucatan Special Economic Zone

The industrial and business sector of the state support the efforts of the state government, so that the Special Economic Zone of Yucatan is not canceled. Businessmen and the governor do not want this project to be canceled as the federal administration has done in other parts of the country.

Alberto Abraham Xacur president of Canacintra in the state, in a rapprochement meeting with the media said that in Yucatán there are no acts of corruption with the land where these areas would be installed, allegedly the reason why the federal government has canceled the Special Economic Zones in other parts of the country.

In a press conference held at the facilities of the Canacintra, Abraham Xacur also spoke of other issues, such as the saturation of the container terminal in the port of Progreso, the appointment of the new member of the Citizen Committee of the anti-corruption system that he described as unfortunate and others.

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