What it’s like to fly to Europe right now

European travelers have begun returning to the air as border restrictions ease, but the experience of a flight on the continent’s biggest airline reveals just what’s in store for those willing to fly in the wake of the pandemic.

CNN traveled from Frankfurt, Germany to the Portuguese city of Porto on a scheduled Lufthansa flight, to see how the aviation sector is adapting as countries attempt to restart their tourism sectors.

The German carrier is Europe’s largest airline and desperately needs to revive its fortunes after accepting a $10 billion bailout from the German government to counter the economic impact of virus-related travel restrictions.

Airlines including Lufthansa are now trying to convince passengers that air travel is possible without risking new spikes in coronavirus infections.

With popular European travel destinations such as Portugal, Greece and Italy now opening to EU visitors, the first flight carrying holidaymakers are now booking up.

Crucial differences facing fliers were immediately visible at the departure airport where everyone, including passengers are asked to wear face masks at all times. Social distancing is also stipulated at the terminal.



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