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Carlos Gosselin, president of the Cancun and Puerto Morelos Hotels Association, says that construction projects to attract more visitors to this area continue….

CANCUN — The tourist boom in Cancun, Mexico’s main visitor destination, has created a shortage of skilled workers in that sector, according to Carlos Gosselin, president of the Cancun and Puerto Morelos Hotel Association.

“We have a shortage of specialized staff in hotel and marina maintenance, but from there to say that this lack of personnel stops projects, that is a different matter,” the businessman said in an interview.

On Monday Oct. 2, it was reported that Isidro Santamaría, leader of the Confederation of Mexican Workers (CTM), said that there are six hotels with 6,000 rooms in Solidaridad and almost 2,000 rooms in Isla Mujeres mainland that had to stop their construction due to lack of personnel.

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On the other hand the construction works are not stopped because the builders also progress without problems, he said.

Cancun is the main tourist destination in Mexico with a total of 36,000 rooms in Benito Juárez and Solidaridad municipalities.

“We not only need engineers who know about electromechanical issues, but also issues of hostelry, fabric replacement, and kitchen maintenance, which is very important because of its high cost,” he said.

Currently, in Cancun alone hotel projects for 23 thousand rooms are in the works, of which 8 thousand are fully built, while the others are advancing, according to the executive.

Source: www.elfinanciero.com.mx