Gas stations selling low quality fuel will be fined


Gas stations (either licensed by Pemex or new ones of different brands), as well as companies that transport fuel, will be fined up to 22 million pesos ($1.2 million USD), for selling or carrying low quality gasoline.

This measure is part of the Official Norm (NOM-016), that will take effect shortly, and that seeks to ensure that gasoline complies with the environmental rules and regulations. The document is being reviewd by the Commission for the Improvement of Regulations (COFEMER).

This norm establishes a limit of 30 parts per million of sulfur for gasoline; 15 parts per million for diesel and up to 5.8% of oxidants such as MTBE or ethanol in case this fuel component is used.

Pemex franchises and manage the green characteristic same image, but also promote the brand owner of the franchise group. (Photo:

The rule covers 11,2000 Pemex service stations, 1,485 auto-tanks and 520 tank trucks owned by Petróleos Mexicanos, apart from 1,477 private companies that received authorization to transport oil using difeerent types of vehicles, and 30 companies (Pemex included), authorized to move oil products in tankers as well as five railway companies.

Mexico’s Energy Regulation Commission (CRE) will sample and control the fuel all the way from production centers to service stations.




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