Horror in Chemax! Dog found walking around holding a human hand

(photo: yucatan al instante)

Residents of Chemax were horrified when they saw a dog carrying what appeared to be a human hand in its snout, an extremity that the Yucatan Forensics Medical Service (Semefo) is already analyzing.

(DY).- Residents of Chemax were stunned Thursday evening when, in the midst of everyday tranquility, they saw a stray dog ​​walking around with a strange object in its mouth.

At first, the people who observed him thought that it was some piece of food that was thrown at him, until someone approached the dog and, oh, surprise! What he had in his mouth was a human hand.

Such a finding ended up causing the Police to intervene, since it is not known to which body it could belong. Agents of the State Attorney General’s Office also arrived at the scene.

Until now, one of the versions to explain this fact is that apparently a dog took the hand out of the Chemax cemetery.

After the report from neighbors, Semefo personnel took the limb to analyze it and, if necessary, find out if there is a crime to prosecute.

It transpired that it would be the right hand of a person and that his fingers are complete, but in a state of decomposition; which will have to be confirmed by the competent authorities.

The Yucatan Times



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