Study expected to bolster Yucatan’s exclusion from oil extraction

Oil rigs Photo: Google

Secretary of Urban Development and Environment Eduardo Batllori Sampedro says the exclusion of Yucatan from the oil-extraction zone, announced by the Governor last week, will be reinforced by a study on the risks of this activity…

MERIDA — Yucatan is not in danger of offshore oil exploration because in the next 5 years all related work is suspended, according to the ruling by the authorities, said Secretary of Urban Development and Environment (SEDUMA) Eduardo Batllori Sampedro.

He explained that the work of exploration of round 2.4 has been suspended, and officials will generate a study that shows all the effects that could be created, and with that Yucatan will be excluded of every future project of this kind.

Batllori Sampedro added that there is no danger that Yucatan will be affected by oil works for at least the next 5 years, since that is the approximate period that soil studies last.

Oil rigs Photo: Google

“I believe that in the short term there will be no problems, and I also believe that neither in the middle term because the necessary studies are going to take 2 to 5 years,” he said.

However, despite all of the effort and the fact that the exploration and extraction works are not a reality in a short or medium term, the head of the Seduma recognized that unfortunately there is a great potential for oil extraction in the region, and it could turn into a new exploration attempt in the distant future.