Prevention measures urge after Tultepec explosion

Local deputy Eva Lescas Hernández said that due to the events that took place in the San Pablito market in Tultepec, State of Mexico on the morning of Tuesday December 20th, it is vital that the Civil Protection Secretariat of Mexico City work on pyrotechnic risk prevention policies and stop the illegal selling of this type of highly dangerous merchandise.

She warned that the unfortunate disaster in “the pyrotechnics capital” suggests that if appropriate measures are not taken, similar events are likely to happen again. She urged authorities to increase supervision and control the sale of pyrotechnics, mainly in the Merced area, Venustiano Carranza delegation, downtown Mexico City.

Likewise, she called on citizens to avoid purchasing foreign products that do not pass quality control, since these are highly explosive and represent a danger to children and teenagers, who usually buy them.

“Mexican authorities should increase regulations for the manufacture and sale of pyrotechnics”: Lescas Hernandez (Photo: The News MX)

“If we avoid buying pyrotechnics, it will reduce demand and therefore supply, and in this way, we will create a responsible and safe environment for Mexico City,” she emphasized.

After expressing solidarity with the families of the victims, Lescas Hernández said that federal, state and municipal authorities should increase regulations for the manufacture and sale of pyrotechnics, which would allow the population to be better informed and prevent future tragedies.