Tekax Civil Protection Director rescued after being dragged by a current in Yucatan (Watch Video)

With the help of a rope, soldiers who prevented the official from being dragged into the sewer. Photo: (Sipse)

The official was making a tour of the municipality, when he fell and was dragged by the current into a drain.

TEKAX, Yucatán, (August 21, 2021).- The Secretariat of National Defense, through the X Military Region and the 32 / a. Military Zone, carried out with military personnel the rescue of a man, who was dragged by the current of water into a drain in the municipality of Tekax. 

According to the information provided, on Friday, August 20th, the director of Civil Protection of Tekax, Jonhy Barón Hoil, made a tour of the area after the passage of tropical storm “Grace” through the municipality, when due to an oversight he fell and was carried away by the current of water that descended from the Tekax hill.

Fortunately, members of the Mexican Army that were applying the DN-III-E Plan in that area, upon observing this situation, immediately carried out maneuvers in order to rescue him and provide him with first aid. 

In the images, you can see the Mexican Army staff and residents of Tekax carrying out the rescue work, supported by a rope. 

Fortunately, the official was only beaten a few times and is recovering at home.

It should be noted that the military personnel is stationed in this municipality where, in addition, they have carried out debris removal work, drain cleaning work, and tours of the affected areas. 

Source: Sipse