Mexican government to sell traditional folk art on Amazon in 2017

Mexico’s National Fund for the Development of Arts and Crafts (Fonart) announced that it has entered into a partnership with Amazon to sell their products on the internet-based retailer’s website.

Fonart will launch the service with an initial 143 products that range from textiles, pottery, wood, lacquer, vegetable fibers, metals and more from 11 different Mexican states.

In a press statement, Fonart also says that among the benefits of the partnership, people from virtually any part of Mexico will be able to receive their product within 24 hours through the “Next-Day Delivery” option.

In addition, those who live in Mexico City can receive their products on the same day.

Barro Negro: a traditional form of pottery from Oaxaca known for its unique black color (Photo: El Universal)

All the arts and crafts are made by Mexican artisans, many of who come from vulnerable communities, and this new partnership aims to help promote both the traditions and economic situation of these people.

Amazon launched its service in Mexico in June, 2015.


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