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Tourist dies in Holbox, Quintana Roo, allegedly due to medical negligence

by Yucatan Times
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The death of a foreign tourist at the Hospital Integral de Holbox has exposed the deficiencies in the island’s medical services.

The death of a foreigner in a Kantunilkín, Quintana Roo, hospital reveals the deficiencies of the island of Holbox in terms of medical facilities, equipment, and services. The patient presented a case of alcohol poisoning, could not be properly treated,

Davinson Espincer Greer was the name of the unfortunate subject of foreign origin who, according to the information provided, arrived on the island of Holbox to spend his vacation. However, since his arrival, he began to drink alcohol excessively, which could have caused congestion. However, this version has not been confirmed by the Kantunilkín health authorities and the prosecutor’s office of this municipality.

The events occurred on January 3, when the tourist was admitted to the hospital on the island of Holbox, but since it did not have the appropriate equipment to care for him, the support of the Chiquilá ambulance was requested to transfer him to Kantunilkín to be treated for an emergency.

Joel Pino Álvarez, Mayor of the port of Chiquilá, announced that that day the hospital on the island of Holbox requested an urgent transfer by ambulance to the Kantunilkín hospital, for a person in serious condition as a result of ingestion of alcohol and maybe other substances, according to the last medical report when the now deceased left Holbox for Kantunilkin.

Regarding the issue, in the facilities of the Hospital Integral de Kantunilkín, no information was given in this regard, nor the prosecutor’s office, alleging that the information can only be provided in health jurisdiction number 2 of Cancún or the prosecutor’s office of the Northern Zone.

For the inhabitants of Holbox and Kantunilkin, the secrecy with which the authorities conduct themselves is because they do not want to affect the image of the tourist destination due to the winter holidays that are about to end, however, to keep the incident in secret just makes it more evident that the medical services in the area are very deficient.

In March of last year, the death of a foreign tourist was also recorded, who was diving on the island, when she did not find health services on the island, she was taken to Chiquilá, where she died because at that time there were no ambulance services.

Just this January 2, resident Juan Rico Santana recalled on his social networks the fraudulent work of the Holbox hospital, remodeled on the outside and painted, an area was even built to care for COVID-19, however, currently, those who seek medical attention, they must even buy their medicines.

As will be remembered, during the six-year term of Carlos Joaquín, the hospital was remodeled and the building was inaugurated, however, it was a farce, because the oxygen tanks and equipment were borrowed from a private hospital so that the state authorities could see everything. in excellent condition.

As a consequence of the lack of equipment, the inhabitants who suffered from COVID-19 were forced to leave the island to seek care in other private hospitals, a situation that continues to prevail despite the fact that it is an important tourist destination nationwide and requires of specialized medical care for the thousands of tourists who arrive each holiday period.

Due to the distance from Holbox to Kantunilkín, it is essential to improve services, in addition to the fact that there is no maritime ambulance and in emergency situations tourist boats must be used, which is why it is total negligence on the part of the authorities.

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