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There could be a temporary hospital in Valladolid, Yucatán

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VALLADOLID, YUCATAN.-At a fast pace, day and night, the leveling and flattening of ground at the back of the General Hospital of this city is being carried out, in what will apparently be an inflatable hospital, to house patients with Covid-19, so that the hospital can operate normally to attend to other types of patients, without the risk of them becoming infected.

A few days ago the rector of the University of the East (UNO), Luis Fernandez Vidal, whose building is located next to the hospital, published on his Facebook account that he observed a large movement of workers and heavy machinery on hospital grounds, so he came to ask about the project and was told that an inflatable health center is to be installed there.

However, he was unable to confirm this information officially, as it seems that the workers in charge of the project would not say (or don’t know) anything about it either.

A response was sought from the hospital staff as to what the project was about, and no one officially reported on the plan, but according to the investigations conducted, the workers had one week to complete the levelling and flattening of the land, which is why they were working at full speed, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

According to other sources, the idea is to create an inflatable hospital that will house and care for patients infected with Covid 19, so that the General Hospital can resume its operations in a normal way, taking care of all types of patients.

The inflatable hospital would be isolated from the permanent building of the hospital, so that the patients would not be mixed with other diseases and would run the risk of contagion, but the details of the project have not yet been officially announced, much less how many beds would be installed on the site.

Both doctors and patients with other diseases and their families are afraid to go to the hospital, so the place is almost paralyzed, just because of the cases of Covid-19 that have presented there.

It was found that in the working site, there are several machines and dump trucks that are working tirelessly around the clock, so it is believed that they would start mounting the inflatable hospital in a few days.

Taking into account that in this city’s general hospital receives patients from almost all over the east, in addition to others from municipalities of Quintana Roo, it has become the center of medical care in the area.

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