Anti-mosquito operations continue in Umán, Yucatán

Umán, Yucatán (November 9, 2023).- In an effective operation, 100% of the Colonias and subdivisions of the head of the municipality of Umán were served as part of the strategies to eradicate the spread of the Dengue transmitting vector, Zika. and Chikungunya.

Concerned about the health of all Uman residents, abatement, fumigation, and waste removal programs were launched to guarantee an accurate solution to eliminate possible larval breeding grounds.

As part of his commitment to citizens, the Municipal President of Umán, Dr. Gaspar Ventura Cisneros Polanco, continues to support prevention programs as a fundamental tool for the health care and well-being of the inhabitants.

During this stage, 4 teams were deployed for 3 months at different points to reach the last corner of the city and thus provide timely care with equal opportunities for all without leaving anyone behind.

Schools of all academic levels, parks, religious centers, public spaces, etc. were also attended.

These actions are possible thanks to the teamwork between the authorities and society to have a cleaner City, which is why residents continue to be invited to eliminate objects that can accumulate water and be a source of reproduction of the transmitting mosquito.

TYT Newsroom