Goodbye cool weather, back to the heat we go

People is suffering the intense heat in Merida (Photo: Google)

(MÉRIDA, Yucatan – Clima Yucatan) – After a brief drop in temperatures in Yucatan, temperatures will increase again in the next few days due to the effects of a high-pressure system covering the Gulf of Mexico. Evening showers are also expected in the northeast of Yucatan, south of Campeche, and coastal areas of Quintana Roo. In addition, according “meteorología Yucatan” in Merida, there could be some scattered precipitation.

Maximum temperatures would range between 29 and 34 degrees in Yucatan and Campeche and around 30 degrees in Quintana Roo.

Minimum temperatures, in general, would be 15 to 20 degrees, but in areas of northwestern Yucatan and northern Campeche, they could drop to around 10 degrees.
Highs in Merida would be 30 to 33, and lows would be 20 to 23 in the central area and 17 to 20 in the outskirts.

The Yucatan Times