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Mexico. The Gateway to Hell. —Op-ed—

by Yucatan Times
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The scenario of Mexico being overrun by organized crime paints a horrifying and unsettling portrait of a society plagued by violence, corruption, and fear. It is crucial to clarify that not all of Mexico is controlled by organized crime. Still, there are regions where criminal organizations have gained significant power and influence, resulting in devastating consequences for the population.

Organized crime groups in Mexico, such as drug cartels, frequently engage in brutal acts of violence as they vie for control over profitable drug and human trafficking and other illicit activities. This violence includes gruesome mass killings, beheadings, torture, and public displays of brutality, all cultivating an atmosphere of terror and lawlessness.

The presence of organized crime can rupture the social fabric of communities. Residents often find themselves caught in the crossfire between rival criminal factions. Families are compelled to abandon their homes to escape the violence, creating displacement and despair.

Organized crime has infiltrated and corrupted various levels of government, law enforcement, and the judiciary, resulting in a lack of accountability for criminals and exacerbating the cycle of violence, as criminals can operate with total impunity.

This erosion of trust in institutions further undermines the rule of law. Organized crime is impeding economic progress in affected areas. Businesses are being extorted or coerced into paying protection money to criminal groups, stifling growth and entrepreneurial endeavors. The presence of criminal organizations is beginning to discourage foreign investment and tourism and eventually will lead to economic stagnation.

Rivalries between criminal organizations have escalated power struggles, intensifying violence and insecurity. AMLO’s government’s inability to effectively address organized crime’s influence has eroded trust in state institutions and undermined governmental authority. This power vacuum can result in vigilante justice and further destabilization.

Due to its nightmarish descent into violence and organized crime, Mexico is just a few steps from hell. It presents a chilling reality that defies comprehension. Imagine the anguish of a family after knowing their loved one’s suddenly disappeared. Police will not do a thing, criminals will likely never be caught nor prosecuted, and maybe, if you are lucky, you might recuperate the corpse of the person you love, even though that will most likely not happen.

Today, there is a lose-lose scenario, and one question arises: Would you like to know what happened? Vanishing into thin air without a trace is a heart-wrenching scenario that no words can adequately capture. Not knowing must be something beyond a nightmare, but can you imagine the police delivering the unbearable news? Would you really want to know that criminal entities mercilessly seized that person you loved? Subjecting them to unimaginable torture and murdering them in a manner so grotesque that even the most horrifying of cinematic scenes pale in comparison? Mexico has become a testament to the depths of human depravity.

A recent example is the slaying of five young men in an unbearable, indescribable way in Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco, which defies all attempts at explanation. The levels of cruelty and savagery exhibited transcend the boundaries of human understanding. Simultaneously, the discovery of 34 dismembered bodies concealed within refrigerators in Poza Rica, Veracruz, and the tragic loss of five police officers in Pinos, Zacatecas, are grim reminders of the unfathomable toll exacted by violence.

Various criminal factions perpetrate these heinous acts—be it the Jalisco Cartel – New Generation, splinter groups emerging from the Gulf Cartel, or other shadowy entities with names that fade in significance. Their relentless, blood-soaked struggle for control over territories within Mexico continues unchecked, a grotesque battle that defies any attempt at intervention or resolution.

The violence that has enveloped Mexico spares no one, distinguishing neither between age nor gender, wealth nor poverty. The fabric of society is torn asunder, leaving a trail of shattered lives and shattered hopes. The cries of anguish reverberate through a land gripped by unprecedented horror, where the very essence of humanity is strained to its breaking point.

As citizens of Mexico, we are alone. Vulnerable like sheep in the presence of wolves. The president is campaigning for his presidential candidates to continue his dismal administration called the “fourth transformation,” there is money aplenty, but not for security. For that, there are plenty of hugs. Meanwhile, Mexico is falling. It sinks deeper and deeper into an abyss of terror, despair, pain, and bitterness that burns the soul. We are asphyxiating.

The chilling reality of Mexico’s descent into the darkness of hell is a stark reminder of its citizens’ urgent need for unity, strength, and unwavering determination. Only through a forceful and determined collective response can we defeat the insidious horror that has descended upon our country.

The Yucatan Times
Editorial Board

The Yucatan Times editorial board comprises people from different nationalities and backgrounds, selected due to their trajectory and objectivity.

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