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Trans fats are on the hunt

by Magali Alvarez
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MÉRIDA, Yucatan, June 1, 2023. Last March an addition decree was published to the General Health Law that prohibits trans fats in food and beverages, this historic measure with front labeling will contribute significantly to prevent deaths from consumption of ultra-processed products, such measure will come into effect in September of this year.

This means that in order to comply with the General Health Law, suppliers of oils and fats will have to change their formula to remain in the market and offer healthier products, among the products that could be affected are Sabritas, pastries, soft drinks, cookies and junk food in general.

In this sense, the owners of tienditas state that they do not believe that this measure will affect their sales, since they have already passed some restrictions on other products and these have not been affected, such as soft drinks where they already put labeling of excess calories among other things and sales have not decreased.

“I don’t think this will affect my sales and in case the company stops bringing the product or we can no longer distribute it, I think people will find a way to continue buying their chips and other snacks, as has happened with other products, even if it is clandestinely, but they buy them,” said Luna Martinez, owner of a Six.

There are those who were not yet informed about this new official disposition, however, they say they do not have a real concern since the companies will always look for a way to continue producing or destroying the product.

“We know that in this country everything can be achieved, so surely they are going to change the labels and put that it has less saturated fat even though it has the same and with that the provision is fulfilled”.

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