Yucatan State Attorney General’s Office locates two girls reported missing in a matter of hours

Two girls reported missing on Wednesday, November 20 in Ciudad Caucel,  were located safe and sound by local authorities. They were found at a relative’s friend’s house.

The incident of the two missing children in Ciudad Caucel, just 10 miles west of downtown Mérida, which was about to activate the Amber Alert, was resolved by the Special Unit for Abduction Combat (Unidad Especial de Combate al Secuestro: UECS) of the State Attorney General’s Office, in a matter of hours.

Caucel is just 16 kilometers (10 miles) west of downtown Mérida. It´s considered part of the city’s “Metropolitan Area” (INEGI)

The inquiries indicate that the children under 12 and 13 years old, who are cousins, decided on their own to leave home to take refuge in the house of a relative’s friend who was not aware of what they were doing.

After agreeing on November 19, both escaped from their home located in La Herradura subdivision of Ciudad Caucel, leaving a note stating that they were leaving home, to live with other people.

When the corresponding complaint was filed with the State Attorney General’s Office, the investigation was carried out to find out the whereabouts of the girls, who were finally located in another property within the Ciudad Caucel area.

After medical evaluation and confirming that both were in perfect health, authorities proceeded to give notice to their relatives for the corresponding procedures. An investigation must be carried out to find out the girls’ motive to leave their home, as they could be victims of some kind of mistreatment.

The Yucatan Times Newsroom