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Misuse of the En Bici Mérida program’s bicycles reported

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Misusing the bicycles of the En Bici de Mérida program could cause fines of up to 10,000 pesos

The En Bici program has been running for almost a month in Mérida, where it has registered damages such as theft, damage and accidents.

As will be remembered, the En Bici de Mérida program is free for three months, since its hourly charge of approximately 25 pesos will begin in September.

Bicycles are found throughout the city of Mérida, such as main parks such as Plaza Grande San Juan, Santa Ana, Paseo de Montejo, among others.

There are more than 300 bicycles divided into stations, which can be rented through a mobile application for their use, where various indications are maintained.

What NOT to do with En Bici?

People who mistreat En Bici vehicles are subject to the sanctions that are established when downloading the application and are found in the terms and conditions, since these can be for incorrect parking, for not putting it in the right place, for leaving the perimeter that is 32 km and exceed the time of the trip that is a maximum of one hour.

In case of loss or theft of the bicycle, En Bici will charge the user up to 10,000 pesos for what happened because of the person who requested it in the application, in accordance with the terms of service.

Regarding the rest of the damages, they must be claimed directly in the En Bici application to find out more in detail, in addition to the fact that, before renting any, it is recommended to verify that it is in good condition to avoid inconveniences. All forms of fines are displayed in the terms of service section for the benefit of the user.

  • wrongly parked
  • Leaving the bike out of the 32 km perimeter
  • Exceed riding time
  • In case of theft, up to 10 thousand pesos will be charged
  • driving while intoxicated
  • add accessories to bikes
  • transport more than one person
  • leave the bike unattended
  • Use it for businesses such as messaging or delivery
  • lend it
  • Use it during rain
  • Use it to commit a crime

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