Wildfires have already covered 8,700 hectares in Mexico so far this year

David León Romero, the National Coordinator of Civil Protection, informed that authorities are currently responding to 73 wildfires in 16 Mexican states that are affecting some 8,700 hectares and which are fought by 1,700 members of the National Defense Ministry (SEDENA), the Navy Ministry ( SEMAR), the National Guard, the National Forest Commission (CONAFOR), and Civil Protection.

In President López Obrador’s daily morning news conference, David León Romero added that the most relevant wildfires are currently located in Durango, Jalisco, Nayarit, and Zacatecas.

“Led by the CONAFOR, and with the participation of all the members of the National Civil Protection System, we are undertaking coordination, prevention, and fire detection tasks, in addition to the arrival to the fire site and the fighting tasks.

“Rural brigades, municipal Civil Protection units, and, of course, a vast network of volunteers as well as the state fire committees, and CONAFOR’S missions are involved in the tasks, in addition to the state and federal Civil Protection coordinations and the fire management directions. ”

After comparing the current season with last year’s, I have asserted there has been a 40% decrease of wildfires and 60% less affected hectares in the country.

I mentioned that the Security Cabinet analyzes the country’s meteorological conditions every day at the National Palace, during Lopez Obrador’s nes conference.