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3 ways to stay safe when booking sports tickets

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There’s no denying we live in a country that adores sport. From the professional stars of the NFL to the best young players competing in college basketball, sport is everywhere you look. The top teams attract thousands of fans to their impressive stadiums each game day while millions more follow the action live on television.

Sports fans are spoiled for choice when supporting and watching their team in action. You can watch a game live on TV at home or at a sports bar. Do this with friends, family, and fellow supporters, or seek a mixed crowd to create a more exciting and realistic atmosphere. What if you have other commitments, like work and family ties, when the play is ongoing? Live streaming has you covered.

You can download a live stream to your smartphone and watch from anywhere. You only need a modern device, Wi-Fi connection, or available data. Thanks to modern technology, you can take every opportunity to see your team, favorite player, or a special derby. The best live streams are available at the leading betting websites, offering all registered members free access to live soccer, tennis, basketball, and more.

Soak up the atmosphere

While watching sports on TV is convenient and easy, you can’t beat the experience of watching a sports fixture from the stadium. Rub shoulders with fellow fans, discuss the home team’s recent performances, and see the stars up close and personal. There’s nothing quite like watching a football match from the middle of a crowd of tens of thousands. Get closer to the action.

How do you purchase a ticket to watch your team play their next match? There are a few options, but some are better than others. Below, you’ll find three pieces of advice to remember when planning your next visit to a stadium. Follow these points to ensure you’re buying from a reputable source that can be trusted to deliver their side of the bargain and send out your tickets.

How to stay safe

Some dangerous sites offer tickets to fans at an appealing cost, but they’re not always what they seem. We are hearing from a growing number of sports fans who have been ripped off by bogus ticket vendors online.

You’ll find many examples of these sites on social media fields, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Here are three rules when purchasing tickets.

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Buy from a reputable source

Always purchase your tickets through a reputable source, like an official club or competition website. All tickets sold there will be at face value, helping you avoid illegal ticket touts that often ramp up the asking price for major events.

You’ll spot a fake ticket-selling site a mile away, as they just aren’t professional. Inspect the copy, and you’ll often find spelling mistakes and embarrassing use of grammar. Ticket touts aren’t very smart, but you should always be on your guard.

Never travel without a ticket

Some sports fans without a ticket will often travel to the stadium and mingle with fans hoping someone has a spare ticket they can buy. This approach may work on occasion but not often.

You’ll usually meet ticket sellers that have marked up the price by 100% or more, preying on the desperation of those who have traveled without a ticket.

Pay by credit card

The best way to pay for your tickets is using a credit card. This option doesn’t mean you can’t afford to pay for the ticket. It means you’re better protected if anything happens. Credit card companies can and will cancel any transactions you report as fraudulent, giving you complete peace of mind.

If the unthinkable happens and you find a fake ticket seller has scammed you, your funds are protected. The credit card company will cancel the transaction, remove the funds from the fraudster’s account and return it to you. This is all done free of charge and without any extra work for the buyer. If you suspect you’ve been scammed, your first call should always be to your bank or credit card supplier.

However you choose to pay for your tickets and whichever vendor you go with, please remember our simple rules and advice.

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