Governor Mauricio Vila insists: “Please, stay at home”

Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal announces new measures to continue with the gradual opening of the state economy safely. Photo: (Archivo)

Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal, sent a message to all Yucatán residents:

“The critical moment has arrived; it is important for us to understand that we have to act responsibly, we are seeing what is happening in other parts of the world such as Italy, Spain or the United States, where for not taking the measures on time, today their health services are completely overwhelmed, doctors do not have robes or masks, and they have to use garbage bags and other improvised objects to protect themselves. ”

“It is time to abide by the isolation measures, so that the health services have the capacity to care for the population and prevent this disease from claiming more lives.”

“This will only and exclusively depend on each of us, that we are responsible and supportive of each other, so the indication that we must stay home and take care of ourselves is for all Yucatán residents (nationals and foreign).”

“We are still in time here in Yucatan to have the capacity to attend the infected individuals. The coronavirus is not only changing our lives, it is changing the country and the world, we understand the economic implications, that we are all going to see our income diminished, that is recoverable, but what cannot be recovered is a friend or family member who could die of the virus. “

“If the number of infections increases exponentially, the health system would be totally overwhelmed, and our country does not have the necessary conditions or infrastructure to face a pandemic of this level”.

“The people of Yucatán have to understand that it is for their health and that of others. We will enforce the decree issued by the federal government and in the coming days we will be more rigid with measures taken, always within the framework of what the Law determines.”

Message delivered by governor Mauricio Vila Dosal to the people of Yucatán on Thursday April 2nd, 2020.

The Yucatan Times