Covid-19 Delta strain is detected in Yucatán

Photo: (Yucatán ahora)

Mérida, Yucatán, (July 03, 2021).- After receiving the results of the samples sent to the Epidemiological Diagnosis and Reference Institute (InDRE), the Yucatan Health Secretariat (SSY) reported that the delta strain of the Coronavirus also circulates in the state, which is more contagious, but no more lethal than the Mexican variant, which is the one that is mostly registered in the territory.

The state agency added that the presence of this strain in Yucatán has contributed to an atypical growth in the number of cases. It should be remembered that last June, the Brazilian and Californian variants were also detected in the Mexican territory, which, together with the British, Mexican, and now the Delta, add to 5 strains in the state.

The SSY noted that among patients who have presented the Delta variant, no deaths have been recorded so far.

The state agency reiterated the call to the population to reinforce prevention measures, such as the use of face masks, constant hand washing, the use of antibacterial gel, and maintain a healthy distance.

The SSY urged the population to go, when appropriate, to receive the corresponding dose of the Coronavirus vaccine and recalled that the vaccine does not prevent the spread of the virus, but rather protects us from becoming seriously ill and, above all, and most importantly, it lowers the risk of dying.