Cinépolis Plaza Altabrisa complex consumed by fire

The Plaza Altabrisa movie theaters were consumed by fire early this Friday morning, although there is no official information yet on the extent of the damage.

According to information obtained, security guards at the commercial complex located in the north of Merida, called 911 to report the presence of heavy smoke in Cinépolis. Within minutes firefighters arrived at the site and began to enter with hoses and special equipment.

Even the unit with the telescopic ladder arrived at the plaza.

For long hours the firefighters worked at the site. The SSP police officers closed the accesses, by sectors, so that the emergency units could get in and out without problems.

Shortly before dawn, the fire was under control, but several units remained to “cool the site“.

It is expected that in the next few hours there will be information on the origin of the fire and the damage to the interior of the plaza.

Fortunately, no injuries were reported after the incident.

TYT Newsroom