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Tesoco, Yucatán: improved healthcare services and housing initiatives for citizens

by Sofia Navarro
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Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal is committed to improving the quality of life for the most vulnerable people in Yucatan state, enhancing medical services across the territory. This commitment is evident in the completion of the remodeling works at the Tesoco Health Center and housing initiatives aimed at reducing overcrowding and open defecation.

During a working tour of the Tesoco community in Valladolid, accompanied by the local mayor, Alfredo Fernández Arceo, Vila Dosal inaugurated the rehabilitation of the Ejidal House. Additionally, he provided support through the Food Security Program, including fertilizers, sugar, and queen bees, to promote beekeeping in the state.

The Governor emphasized that these support programs are provided free of charge by his administration. Therefore, any attempts to charge for them will be penalized. He also warned healthcare professionals not to issue preferential treatment to certain patients at the Health Center, as they are obligated to serve everyone without discrimination and adhere to established working hours.

As part of the tour, accompanied by the heads of the Ministry of Health (SSY), Mauricio Sauri Vivas, and the Institute for Construction and Conservation of Public Works (Inccopy), Virgilio Crespo Méndez, Vila Dosal supervised the remodeling of the Tesoco Health Center. The renovation included various areas such as waiting rooms, corridors, treatment rooms, immunization areas, public and staff bathrooms, doctor’s office, kitchen, sanitation, and temporary station.

Crespo Méndez explained that the renovation involved the installation of fans, linear lamps, air conditioning units, sinks, and antibacterial curtains. The kitchen, bathrooms, doors, and windows were remodeled, and the interior walls were painted with white antibacterial paint. The air conditioning, hydraulic, and electrical systems were also inspected and serviced.

Exterior works were also carried out, including landscaping and the construction of sidewalks with ramps for disabled access. Furniture and equipment were provided, resulting in a total investment of 2.5 million pesos, benefiting 1,872 residents.

Subsequently, the Governor inspected the renovated Ejidal House, which underwent scraping and repainting throughout. Titles were affixed, and ceiling fans and lamps were installed. The house was furnished with chairs, tables, filing cabinets, speakers, microphones, LED lamps, and light bulbs, benefiting 105 ejidatarios (communal landowners).

Later on, 67 certificates were awarded as part of the Housing Actions Program, which included the construction of 13 additional rooms, 12 bathrooms, and 42 kitchens. A total of 5.6 million pesos were invested in these initiatives to alleviate overcrowding and open defecation. This brings the total number of projects under this program to 991 during this administration in Valladolid.

Furthermore, Vila Dosal distributed 8,000 20-kilogram sacks of maize for human consumption in the municipality, along with 200 50-kilogram bags of fertilizer to prepare the land for the upcoming rainy season.

Lastly, in order to strengthen beekeeping in the community, he provided 10 tons of sugar and 85 queen bees. He took the opportunity during his visit to Tesoco to greet and address the requests of its residents.

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