Mexican Soccer Federation is illegally using the image of Frida Kahlo

(PHOTO: Twitter: @Miseleccionfem)

The project launched by the FMF began last June, aimed at inspiring girls and women with the help of the icon of female empowerment

MEXICO, (December 11, 2021).- In order to promote the practice of sport among Mexican women, the Mexican Football Federation (FMF) announced on June 28 an alliance with the Frida Kahlo Foundation, however, they are using the artist’s image illegally. 

The sixteenth civil court of Mexico City ruled this week that the sole owner of all present and future rights of the painter worldwide is Frida Kahlo Corporation, chaired by Carlos Dorado. The judge also determined that there are third parties that use the image of Frida Kahlo illegally.  

Six months ago, during the presentation of the alliance, the president of the FMF, Yon de Luisa, highlighted that they sought to “promote equity and empowerment in Mexican women inspired by the legacy of Frida Kahlo.”

“Frida Kahlo Corporation (FKC) personally notified the Mexican Soccer Federation (FMF) of a letter to inform the FMF of the intellectual property rights and the current trademark registrations that are owned by FKC. The letter included an exhortation to prevent the FMF from engaging in future practices or behaviors that could invade their respective rights, ” confirmed Frida Kahlo Corporation.

So far there has been no position on the accusations by the highest Mexican soccer body.

Source: El Universal

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