Merida City Hall promotes responsible pet ownership

Photo: (Yucatána ahora)

Mérida, Yucatán, (July 19, 2021).- Animal welfare in the municipality is a task that has seen progress in recent years, however, it must be constant to create a true citizen awareness of rights and obligations regarding the ownership of pets.

In this sense, Mayor Alejandro Ruz stressed that the current administration has placed special emphasis on animal care and welfare and recalled that Merida is the only municipality in Yucatan that has a veterinary module offering general consultations, vaccination, deworming, sterilization, curing, and assessments at low cost.

“This ratifies us as a sensitive, humane, inclusive, and supportive city that promotes and respects all forms of life to achieve harmonious coexistence,” the mayor said.

He emphasized that, in addition, the Municipal Animal Control Center (CEMCA), together with specialists and pro-animal associations, carries out a variety of actions to promote the culture of care and responsible ownership of pets.

In Mérida, the municipal authority is the main figure in charge of arranging actions, measures, and regulations that add to this respect for animal life, a factor of great relevance for harmonious coexistence in the municipality. As a shared responsibility between governments and communities, progress on this issue of animal welfare will be achieved to the extent that everyone assumes the role that corresponds to them, based on the guidelines already established by the authorities.

Adoption, medical care, deworming, and vaccination are actions promoted by the City Hall in collaboration with associations and specialist groups in the field.

Mérida recognizes the principles and rights of animals and maintains coordination with the Federation and the State under the terms established in international documents and the Law and Regulations for the Protection of Fauna in the Municipality of Mérida.

The Yucatan Times Newsroom