Campeche man steals cash goes straight to a bar and gets caught

Photo: YAM

Employees of a business and citizens managed to secure a man on Calle 27 between 38 and 40 in the Salsipuedes neighborhood of Escárcega, Campeche who moments before had stolen a bag with the amount of 5,500 pesos and a cell phone, which was found in his possession

Escárcega, Campeche (February, 2, 2023).- The events took place on Thursday, February 2nd, when several men went to a well-known bar located on Calle 27 between Calles 38 and 40 in the Salsipuedes neighborhood of Escárcega, where they were looking for another person who had stolen a black bag moments before, which contained the amount of 5,500 pesos inside.

The owner of the bag left it sitting on a table while doing some maintenance work in a downtwon convenience store, when the other man seized the bag with the money and a cell phone and quickly left the place.

When the man tried to look for his bag, he realized that it had disappeared, so he began to inquire among those present and they told him that a man wearing a plaid shirt, blue jeans, and yellow boots had taken it.

He immediately took on the task of locating the alleged thief, after a few minutes of searching he was informed that he was in a well-known bar in the Salsipuedes neighborhood, not far from the crime scene.

The thief was drinking alcohol and when he was asked to return the money and the cell phone, he denied having taken them. The man was immediately taken out of the bar, searched and found in possession of the cell phone and the bag; but the money had to be extracted from the thief’s underwear.

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