black dog lying on wooden flooring
Photo by Luis Negron on

Red Animal MX denounced a case of animal abuse by a resident of the San José Tecoh in the south of Merida against his pet.

On social networks, the citizen released a video that went viral showing a man repeatedly hitting a small dog with a piece of wood.

The dog can be seen tied with a rope to a window of the house and how the subject repeatedly hits the dog with the object, he was recorded by the next-door neighbors, and the footage is disturbing.

According to the report on social networks, this incident occurred on Calle 173 (between 68th and 70th) in the Colonia Nueva San José Tecoh 3, in the south end of the city.

It was also mentioned that police officers arrived at that street, but did nothing to rescue the animal and suggested to the locals to call animal protection associations.

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