Man rescued from the bottom of a well in the Periférico de Mérida

(Photo: Yucatán al Instante)

A man fell to the bottom of a well in the Mérida’s Periferico.

Rescuers from the Ministry of Public Security rescued a man approximately 40 years of age who fell to the bottom of a three-meter well.

There is a version that the man was “thrown” by two criminals who first assaulted him and later threw him into the void, according to a witness who reported that he saw two people escaping in a “suspicious” way from that area.

The finding was made at kilometer 36 of the Periférico, not far from the entrance to the Tecnológico de Mérida.

The man was identified as Iván “N”, about 40 years old and he was found unconscious by agents of the Ministry of Public Security, who requested the support of firefighters and rescuers from the same corporation.

It should be noted that when the emergency staff found him, this person was unconscious and paramedics had to go down to the bottom of the well to stabilize him and thus be able to get him out.

Iván sustained rib fractures and had to be transferred to Hospital O’Horán to receive medical attention.

It should be noted that although it is not clear how the man got there, it is thought that he may have been the victim of an assault since a backpack was very close to the area, and as already mentioned, a witness observed two men suspiciously escaping from the area where the well is located.

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