International brand Nutella chose the Yucatecan “Marquesitas” for a special marketing campaign

Photo by Jonathan Kemper in Unsplash

As part of its Summer campaign, the brand Nutella chose desserts such as the Yucatecan Marquesitas for promotion in Mexico, using the image of Izamal on its labels.

Nutella is a brand of sweetened cocoa and hazelnut spread made by Michele Ferrero’s Italian company that was first introduced in 1965.

While Marquesitas are the most requested desserts by tourists in Yucatan, which are famous for their preparation and special ingredients such as Dutch cheese, being one of the main ones, to which you can add other ‘toppings’ such as hazelnut cream.

In this sense, the well-known Nutella company has set its sights on Marquesitas, which is why it took the images of this Yucatecan dessert and the Magical Town of Izamal to create a marketing campaign for the Mexican market.

Marquesita (Archive)

Together with other states such as Jalisco and Guerrero, where they also have famous desserts such as bolillos and fritters with Nutella, the company started a new campaign around the world.

Under the motto “The combination of crispy bread, cheese and Nutella, give the Marquesitas of Yucatan an extra special touch to enjoy them anywhere“, the company started this campaign, which will last through the summer.

The yellow town of Izamal, the Yucatecan municipality in Yucatan famous for having its central area of ​​the same color, is showcased on the label of the Nutella jars.

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