Cold front reaches the Yucatan Peninsula on Thursday, October 28th

(Photo: Conagua)

YUCATAN, (October 28, 2021).- Through the report of the National Meteorological Service it was announced that cold front number six will cause a drop in temperature in the Yucatan Peninsula.

According to the agency, the change in climate will be felt from today, until Friday.

Cold front No. 6 will move over the north, northeast, and east of the country, causing showers in the east and center of the national territory.

The State Coordination of Civil Protection pointed out that rains and winds are expected at night and early in the morning of this Friday.

COEPROC invited to protect children, the elderly, and the chronically ill to avoid cases of respiratory diseases.

On the other hand,  tropical wave No. 39  will move off the coasts of Michoacán and Colima, causing isolated rains in the west of the country.

Likewise, a low-pressure channel on the Yucatan Peninsula and the entry of humidity from the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea will cause rains and intervals of showers in the area, in addition to southeast Mexico.

Finally, as of today, a decrease in the potential for rain over the northwest, north, and northeast of the national territory is expected.

Source: Sipse

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