The remodeled 'La Reina' zoo in Tizimín opens to the public. (Photo: Sipse)

Tizimín, Yucatán, (October 28, 2021).- Finally, after two years closed to the public, this Wednesday, October 27th, the Zoological and Botanical Park “La Reina” of Tizimín was reopened after the remodeling works were completed.

After 46 years of its founding, the park now sports a modern and renewed image, and the governor Mauricio Vila Dosal delivered the remodeling works of this space together with the host mayor, Pedro Couoh Suaste. 

(Photo: Sipse)

On behalf of the Tizimileños, Francis Conde Osorio, who was one of the girls who delivered a bouquet of flowers to Queen Elizabeth II, during the inauguration of the park, on February 25, 1975, gave a few words of gratitude.

Species protection

Almost 35 million pesos were invested in the work and the works consisted of the construction of 23 new spaces for the 215 species that the zoo hosts, which in conditions similar to their natural habitat. 

(Photo: Sipse)

To do this, each specimen was moved to a different area, where they received the necessary attention and prevent stressful situations.

Tenants include Scarlet Macaw, Eagle, Peacock, Ostrich, Goose, Duck, Donkey, Goat, Bengal and Albino Tigers, Hippos, Gigi and Collared Pheasants, Owl, Fox, Lion, Raccoon, Chickens, Spider Monkey, Hocofaisan, Chachalaca and Lemurs.

Other areas

Likewise, a building for veterinary clinical care was built, which consists of quarantine, assessment, surgery, recovery areas and an office for the doctor. 

(Photo: Sipse)

For the control and maintenance of the Zoo, there is an administrative enclosure, with reception, auditorium, warehouses and bathrooms for school excursions, director’s office, kitchen, dining room, food reception and parking areas for the personnel who work on the site.

(Photo: Sipse)

Similarly, a train station was built, for which a circuit was installed that runs through the entire perimeter of the Zoo.

 It should be noted that the vehicle is still not available yet, as it will be provided in time by the Ticul City Council.

Source: Sipse