University of Yucatan launches stem cell laboratory

Laboratory at UADY. (PHOTO: Seeding Labs)

MERIDA — The Faculty of Dentistry of the Autonomous University of Yucatan (UADY, for its acronym in Spanish) has inaugurated its Translational Cell Laboratory, the only one of its kind in the southeast of the country, where research will be carried out with cells of dental origin in which rodents will be used in order to regenerate bones.

The head of the new laboratory, Ricardo Peñaloza Cuevas, explained in an interview with Notimex that the research will consist of taking samples from the mouth of a human, such as a tooth or a molar, which inside have the dental pulp, which can be used in the reproduction of cells with multiple tissues.

“Among the dental pieces that can be used for these processes are the premolars or third molars, known as wisdom teeth, and even the milkteeth that are lost in the early years of childhood,” he said.

Laboratory at UADY. (PHOTO: Seeding Labs)

He commented that stem cells could replace the embryonic ones, and in this way future studies would investigate the cure for the prevention of degenerative or chronic diseases as in the case of Parkinson or Alzheimer.

“It is already being investigated for the treatment of diabetes, which is one of the major diseases in Yucatan,” added Peñaloza Cuevas.

He noted that the membranes of stem cells of dental origin allow the regeneration of bones or other tissues, as well as treatments for other diseases already mentioned.

In this research students will play an important role, putting into practice the knowledge acquired in the classroom.

This laboratory is a real learning scenario where students develop their skills as set by their Educational Model for Integral Training (MEFI, for its acronym in Spanish), but above all their social responsibility, as a hallmark in their future professional performance, added the academic.

The specialists will initiate the research at the International Symposium of Stem Cells and VII Theoretical-Practical Course Cells of Pulp Origin, that is carried out from August 28 to September 2 in the Faculty of Dentistry.

In an interdisciplinary effort between the Faculties of Dentistry and Chemical Engineering of UADY, the objective is to promote these lines of research, whose progress will be presented throughout the symposium.