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Step-by-step Guide On How to Find a Safe & Trustworthy Pokies App  

by Yucatan Times

   You can never underestimate the benefits of playing on an app. Not only is it convenient, but you also enjoy its great visual appearance. The times when you had to visit a casino to play pokies are long gone. Currently, you can play anytime, anywhere, at any online casino you prefer on your phone or tablet with a stable internet connection.

To have the best gaming experience and keep your personal information safe, you need to select the right real money pokies app.

Choose Licenced Pokies App 

Many casino apps follow security protocols because of the strict licensing process they go through. Casinos seeking to make their pokies app public must acquire a license and show that they are genuine and can run the game.

They must deliver well-designed and safe gaming applications on mobile, and their software vendor must be trustworthy, or they can’t have games. Always check the security of the pokies app first before you start playing. Check the license number and determine if it is from a trusted authority like the United Kingdom or Malta. And the measures the casino providing the pokies app takes to protect its customers. 

Go For The Popular Apps

There are so many pokies apps available, and sorting through them to find the right one is more challenging than it may seem. Whether you are going through the Apple Store or Google Play Store, popular apps will always appear at the top of the list because of their popularity. 

Popular apps will often be safe and trustworthy because many people use them and will often give honest reviews. They are readily available for download and purchase, and in case of errors or bugs, the developers fix them as quickly as possible. It would only be as popular if it was safe and trustworthy.

Read The Reviews

Mobile app stores will always include an option to review the apps they make available for purchase or download. One way to find out if your pokies app is safe and trustworthy before downloading is to read the user reviews. 

The more reviews, the better, as it gives you a better insight into the app. There will be positive and negative reviews; always go through both, especially negative ones. You will find important information from the reviews, like errors, how well the customer care responds, and whether or not the pokies app is legitimate.


Download The App From A Trusted Site

If registered at an online casino, you can download their pokies app from the website, especially the top casinos. They will often have several apps. On mobile, you should stick to downloading your app from the app store recommended by your device, which is always pre-installed. 

All the apps they make available for download are checked for security risks and must adhere to safety standards. If the pokies app turns out to be malicious, a ban from the app store immediately follows.

Check The Casinos Reputation

A casino’s credibility will determine the kind of pokies app they provide. A good reputation will mean a good app and vice versa. You can check its credibility through a review website. Unlike the app store reviews from users, these sites give more detailed reviews from users and dedicated reviewers. You will find the essential information you need to know, such as:

  • The application responsiveness.
  • The quality of customer care.
  • Payment processing time.
  • How fast they fix bugs and errors.

Check The Licensing and Terms

Any pokies app you use must be from a licensed and verified casino. Reading their user agreement terms will let you know what you are getting into, and you only accept if you agree with them. A non-licensed pokies app is a definite no. No matter how interesting the app looks, do not attempt to play. 

Verify The Payment Methods

Some pokies apps may allow you to play but will not pay you your money when you want to cash out. A safe and trustworthy app will have the best payment methods for deposits and withdrawals, such as e-wallets, bank wires, and cryptocurrency. If the app does not have reliable payment methods, you should avoid it.


Playing at an online casino is enjoyable and entertaining. Pokie apps will either be a casino app with the pokies as one of the games or a dedicated pokies app but still from a casino. To determine how safe the pokies app is, you also have to look at the casino providing the app. 

With many pokies apps available today, it can be a complicated task to determine which one is safe and trustworthy. It also would be best if you played in moderation. If you ever feel like you cannot control your gambling, you should seek help. Play responsibly.

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