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The Best Cancer Hospitals in Europe

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Some people say that cancer patients die not from cancer, but from inaccurate or untimely diagnosis making. After all, modern medicine has already reached a decent level of treatment for almost all types of cancer.

However, oncology is underdeveloped in some countries, and early detection of malignant neoplasms in local clinics is rather a happy coincidence. And with all of that, the best thing a patient can do is to undergo cancer therapy in Europe.

Choosing the best cancer hospital
When cancer is diagnosed, many patients start the search for the best cancer hospital. Research shows that the type of cancer center at which cancer treatment begins can affect the effectiveness and outcome of therapy.

Probably the most essential thing is a specialization of the hospital, meaning that a hospital that treats cancer exclusively should be your primary choice.

How big or small the hospital is usually doesn’t matter that much. Smaller cancer centers often provide a more private treatment environment. The advantage of large cancer hospitals is access to a wide range of diagnostic tests and doctors of many specialties who work under one roof. Complex surgical procedures are better performed at larger centers. Physicians at the largest cancer hospitals perform dozens of procedures each month, and their experience is extensive.

When choosing a cancer hospital, you don’t have to be on your own. It is worth asking the opinion and advice of other patients, as well as reading the experiences of people who have already undergone similar treatments.

Cancer treatment principles in Europe
The success of cancer treatment depends on timely and correct diagnosis making. Thanks to the use of innovative methods, European physicians can make an accurate diagnosis and treat various cancer types at an early stage.

European physicians use surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormone therapy, ultrasound treatment, and bone marrow transplantation. Doctors at the best cancer hospitals in Europe give preference to a comprehensive approach when preparing a therapeutic scheme, combining several treatment options at once.

The prices for cancer treatment in Europe depend on the clinic’s certification, type, and stage of the disease, including whether cancer has spread or not. It is also important to remember that predicting the entire course of treatment in advance is extremely difficult, so it is hard to voice the exact amount of the upcoming costs.

European hospitals usually provide the patient with a preliminary calculation of treatment costs. After the treatment is completed, the actual cost of the procedures performed is finalized.

Bile duct cancer and how it’s treated in Europe
Bile duct cancer is a rare malignant disease that affects the biliary tract outside the liver. Klatskin tumor, in turn, is an even rarer malignant lesion of an anatomical region.

In more than 80% of cases, bile duct cancer is detected at the inoperable stage. Even a small bile duct tumor, especially with metastases to the portal lymph nodes, can severely affect the bile duct function. When a cancerous formation infiltrates the common hepatic artery and portal vein surgery is impossible.

If surgery is impossible, like in the case of Klatskin tumor stage 4, radiation therapy against the background of capecitabine therapy is carried out. After that, chemotherapy with gemcitabine is carried out. At the metastatic stage of the cancer, only long-term chemotherapy is possible.

You can check out other options for the treatment of Klatskin tumor stage 4 on the Booking Health website.

Possibilities for cancer treatment in Europe during the lockdown
Now almost all countries are ready to accept international patients coming for treatment: Germany, Turkey, and the list goes on. The key condition is the presence of vital indications. That is when there is a life-threatening condition, which also includes patients with cancer.

However, the limitations vary from country to country, so it is really hard to stay on top of it. If you decide on traveling for treatment, it is better to get assistance. Booking Health will support you throughout your journey, while also dealing with organizational issues like receiving a visa during the lockdown.

For more detailed information about the best cancer hospitals in Europe visit the Booking Health website, and feel free to leave a request for a medical advisor to contact you.

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