Home Feature Fourteen days trapped inside a mine. Experts doubt miners are alive.

Fourteen days trapped inside a mine. Experts doubt miners are alive.

by Yucatan Times
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The “El Pinabete” coal mine in the northern Mexico state of Coahuila flooded on Aug. 3, leaving 10 workers trapped with 130-foot floodwaters. Experts doubt they are alive.

Coahuila Mexico – The collapse of the mine ‘El Pinabete,’ where at least ten workers are trapped, occurred last August 3. López Obrador promised international aid and rescue. Nothing has happened. The arrival of U.S. experts scheduled for this morning did not happen.

The National Coordinator of Civil Protection, Laura Velázquez, advanced in the morning press conference from the National Palace that the U.S. company would join the work at the Sabinas mine this Wednesday.

According to the inter-institutional team, it will be until this afternoon when specialists from Phoenix First Response will meet with the local company Mimosa engineers to review the situation at the mine.

The authorities informed that they established communication with a German company that will send their comments on the rescue efforts.

Miners are summoned to help in the rescue.
The Ministry of Labor summoned three coal miners’ unions to ask for three-shift brigades to support pumping water and exterior actions. Later on, they could be integrated into the search and rescue actions of the trapped miners once there were conditions to go down to the shafts.

The corruption behind the mine.
López Obrador admitted that the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) has a contract with the collapsed mine in Sabinas, Coahuila, where ten mine workers were trapped after the flooding of the shafts in August 3.

AMLO indicated the concessionaires of the mine carried out a “subcontracting,” which is prohibited in the contract initially signed with CFE, and a series of requirements must be complied with, which in this case were not. Therefore the investigation is open.

The concession of the mine was granted in 2003 during the six-year term of Vicente Fox Quesada. Still, during this administration, the exploitation of the mine began without controls, with obscurity and grand corruption.

So far, the proposal of the family members to consult international experts to speed up the rescue of the missing miners has been accepted, but no one has arrived. It is feared that the people have already died due to the lamentable ineptitude of López Obrador’s government in dealing with crises and emergencies.

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