Rains could flood the freatic level in Mérida

Photo: (Sipse)

In October there is a risk that the rain will generate floods in Merida. This month the average rainfall has already been exceeded. 

MÉRIDA, Yucatán, (September 23, 2021).- Because the month of September has not ended and the average of 200 mm of rain per square meter has already been exceeded , there is a risk that in October the freatic level will exceed five meters of water height , which it could cause floods like last year, said meteorologist Juan Vázquez Montalvo.

He indicated that until yesterday the record was 220 mm per square meter, higher than what is normally recorded in September, because it has been very “rainy”, a trend that will continue in the coming days due to the arrival of cold fronts that will bring rainfall .

“Only in what was recorded this month did the water rise 45 centimeters, so in October there is a risk that it will be flooded again,” said the specialist.

“At the moment the water table is 3.45 meters, and it would only take one meter and 40 centimeters to reach the levels that were had in 2020 when many populations were flooded,” he warned.

Against this background, Vázquez Montalvo recommends that people who suffered floods last year start planning the necessary measures to cope with the same situation again because the rains will continue.

Source: Sipse

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